3D Candat Sotong
3D Candat Sotong 3D Candat Sotong Matsumoto 3D Oil Based Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Yuen Yang Tackle Enterprise
RM 18.00
50 g
2 cm (L) x 5 cm (W)
Candat SotongCandat Sotong


Target Fish£ºSquid/Barramundi / Mangrove jack / Snapper / Pomfret /Grouper…. Etc
Target Water£ºFreshwater /Saltwater.
Suitable For Use with Many Types of Fishing Bait
Easy to Use
Oil Based Attractant


  1. 1.Put a few drops onto the bait (Soft lure / Pellet/Bait Powder / Bread /Fish meet…Etc)
  2. 2.Let the attractant settle in for 30 minutes and it’s ready to use
  3. 3.Put a few drops onto the bait. Keep in container for 2 house before use

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